Maya, Olmec and Pre-Columbian Ruins in Guatemala

Tikal, Mirador, Copan, Quirigua, Uaxactun, Piedras Negras, Seibal or Ceibal, Yaxha, Aguateca, Altar de Sacrificios, Dos Pilas, Yaxchilan (Mexico), Zacaleu, Iximche, Utatlan, Mixco Viejo, Kaminaljuyu, El Baul, La Democracia, Bilbao Santa Lucia Cotzumalapa, Abaj Takalik Retalhuleu

There are literally thousands of Maya Ruins in Peten and throughout Guatemala. We are including only some of the most famous and intersting and will continue adding and updating the information.

Major Ruins in Peten

Classic Maya Ruins, occupation dates from Pre-Classic through the eclipe of Maya civilization in the Late-Classic, to the virtual abandonment during Early Post-Classic period.**




Piedras Negras

Seibal or Ceibal



Altar de Sacrificios

Dos Pilas

Yaxchilan (Mexico)

The Montagua and Copan River Valleys

Maya Classic Sites

Copan, Honduras. Famous for it's ball court and extensive Classic Maya sculptures.


The Maya Highlands

The first four site listed below, where the Major Maya centers of the Late-Post-Classic period and during the Conquest. Their ascendency was after the fall of the Central Mayan Area (Peten, Belize, Palenque, Bonampak etc...)**

Zacaleu, Capital of the Mam Maya.

Iximche, Capital of the Cakchiquel Maya.

Utatlan, Capital of the Quiche Maya, and the Mayan power .

Mixco Viejo, Capital of the Pocoman Maya.

Kaminaljuyu, Pre-Classic and Proto-Classic to the Spanish Conquest.

The Coast

(Olmec ?) Pre-Classic to Classic with various Mexican influences.**

El Baul

La Democracia

Bilbao, Santa Lucia Cotzumalapa

Abaj Takalik, Retalhuleu

**Dating and periods are approximate

We shall be adding and updating this page in the near future.

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