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Local Markets are the main economic focus of the towns in the highlands of Guatemala. In the indian villages and towns they are also a social and cultural event second only to the local fiesta day or holiday. Market days draws people from all around the vicinity. It's a social event where you see distant neighbors and you take the time to go over the latest news and gossip.

The best time to visit a village or a town is during its Saint's day or a market day. So since most of us don't have the luxury to be able to wait for a local holiday the market day is the next best thing.
Here are some of the main market days in particularly interesting towns and villages.

Antigua market

Antigua, Senahu, Tucuru, Zunil
Comalapa, Chajul, Lanquin, Rabinal, San Lucas Toliman, San Marcos, Totonicapan.

Momostenango, Sacapulas.
Antigua, Chichicastenango Nebaj, Panajachel, Sacapulas, Santa Cruz del Quiche, tecpan, Totonicapan.
Chajul, San Lucas Toliman, Santiago Atitlan,, Solola

Antigua, Chichicastenango, Joyabal, Momostenango, Nebaj, Nahuala, Panajachel, Sacapulas, San Martin Jilotepec, Rabinal, Santa Cruz del Quiche, Senahu, Soloma, Sumapango, Tecpan, Todos Santos, Tucuru, Uspantan.
Chichicastenango, Joyabaj, Momostenango, Nebaj, Nahuala, Panajachel, Rabinal, San Juan Comalapa, San Martin Jilotepec, Santa Cruz del Quiche, Sumapango, Tecpan, Tucuru

highland market

In Guatemalan markets chicken is particularly prized if they are egg bearing hens so chicken is often displayed with the eggs showing. Press on this selection to see a picture.

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