Photos & descriptions of 25 representative species of Guatemalan reptiles and amphibians.

Although Ik' bolay Serpentarium is no longer the information below is still of some value

Offers you a window to the mysterious and fascinating world of reptiles and amphibian of Guatemala and the Neo-tropics. Ik' bolay Serpentarium where you can get an up close view of many living species of reptiles and amphibians. Ik' bolay , also has several Vampire bats and an aviary you can enter and see most of the native Guatemalan species of hummingbirds. All species at the Ik' bolay Serpentarium are displayed in their respective habitats.

Learn popular Guatemalan legends that revolve around many of these species. Learn first aid-treatment for dealing with poisonous bites, including the bite of the most venomous snake of the Americas, the fer-de-lance (botrops asper ), or as it know in Guatemala and Central America, the "barbamarilla". Learn how to identify the most venomous snakes of Guatemala by comparing live specimens to others similar non-poisonous species. We now have over 110 species at the Ik' bolay Serpentarium, our collection is growing daily. Learn about Guatemala's highly endangered eco-systems and how we all can help protect it.

Hummingbirds commonly referred to in Guatemala as "garden jewels", are birds that have fascinated mankind since their first sighting. What human can resist deifying these exquisite ethereal iridescent creatures (the mayas have done just that) that glide and dart on invisible wings, as they inhale sweet nectar from the worlds most colorful and beautiful flowers. Are they green or blue, red or gray, over here now and over there the next minute. The aviary at Ik' bolay, where you can walk around and observe these miracles of flight changing colors right in front of you. Fast, aggressive, elegant and colorful the hummingbirds at Ik' bolay are a real treat to the eye. Come see the daily show at the hummingbird exhibit.

The survival strategies of the animal kingdom are fascinating and amazing, at the Ik' bolay Serpentarium you can see and learn how these survival strategies have resulted in such numerous and diverse species of reptiles and amphibians. At Ik' bolay Serpentarium our goal is to preserve our natural environment by teaching the importance of bio-diversity, increasing popular and scientific awareness of our natural herpetofauna and engaging in herpetological research as a tool of conservation. We hope that you enjoy your visit with us.

A full list of the Reptiles and Amphibians of Guatemala (coming in the next week or so).

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