Shakespeare's Pub

That world famous den of inequity located in the "Zona Viva" (The Live Zone) in Guatemala City.

"...To drink or not to drink. That is the question, wethrt ' tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by inbibing end them."
Here are some patrons intent on a World Series Baseball game

Shakespeare's Pub where literary allusions are part of the atmosphere, we now quote a novel "The Long Night of White Chickens" by Francisco Goldman. the novel is about Guatemala and there is a description of Shakespeare's Pub but the name was changed to "Lord Byron's" to protect the guilty.

"And I took a taxi the few blocks from our hotel to La Zona Viva where Lord Byron's is located in the basement mall beneath a twin-towered condo complex. It's a very eunelaborate bar. You walk down the stairs out of the pine-smokey air and into the bar's saturated stench of stale beer abd wet dog hair. The dog, a mastiff sized mongrel, is always sitting on the floor just inside the door, its ugly flanks mottled with mange. A dart board, a bumper pool table; the bar refrigirator plastered with bumper stickers (Reagan-Bush, U.S.M.C., M.I.N., names and logos of oil and oil exploration companies, et cetera); baseball or football betting pool schemes taped to the walls. It was a slow night, two women, three men at the bar, the tables all empty, when I walked in. No one recoignized me, I didn't recoignized any of them-I realize now, having recently been back there several times, that the Lord Byron's expats are the least likely to ever even glance at the Guatemalan newspaper or to watch Guatemalan news on television. That night on the television over the bar was off, but in the last year they've had it hooked up to the satellite that brings American television to the condo towers: usually, these days, it's tuned in to the Chicago Cubs games broadcast by the Chicago superstation, or the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network, or to the a cable sports channel (once, when I recently happened to be there, Harry Caray, the famous Chicago sports announcer, even sent greetings to "the lord Byron's Cubs Fan Club" in Guatemala City, Guatemala, all the way down there in Central America!").

Join the regulars watching the games or for interesting points of view of Guatemala.

Shakespeare's Pub
Innkeeper Valerie Randall

13 Calle 1-15, Zona 10
Sotano Local # 6
Cuidad de Guatemala
Tel. 332-1550
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