Nature and archeology:

Guatemala is the heart of the Ruta Maya, where most Mayan ruins are. To visit the largest and most important ones, you have to fly to the Peten.

Tikal: Attend a real lecture of Mayan history with our guides, while you walk through ancient temples, surrounded by jungle, monkeys and birds etc... Tikal the "New York" of the Mayan world. Spend the night among the ruins in the Jungle Lodge by the airstrip that was used by the archeologist until ten years ago.
Ceibal: Visit the best preserved observatory of the Mayan world, taking a native boat down jungle river with crocodiles, turtles and hundreds of birds. Then walk to the ruins through the dense jungle. What an adventure! In the afternoon return to Flores.

Copan: The "Paris" of the Mayan world. visit one of the best examples of art of the Mayas. fly from guatemala City visit the site and return the same day, or go by land from Antigua, combining a visit to Quirigua, a site with the largest known Mayan stalae, and a side trip to the Rio Dulce.

Yaxchitlan: To get to the site you travel by Native boats down the Umacinta river, the wildest in Central America, camp out in the jungle away from civilization. we guarantee a true adventure.

Also tours to Uaxactún, Dos Pilas, Yaxhá, Piedras Negras, El Mirador, Rio Azul, Palenque etc...

There are numerous smaller but beuatiful ruins within a days' drive from Antigua:
Iximche, Zaculeu, Kaminal Juyu, etc.

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