Modern Maya life, Spanish Colonial heritage and a modern capital:

Guatemala has 22 indian groups, all direct descendants of the Maya, that all together sum over six million people. Visit the modern Mayas with us. Let us take you through their beautiful land, places like:

Chichicastenango: Where 98% of the population is Maya-Quiche. The market on Thursdays and Sundays is a perfect example of Mayans in a modern world. The market is where the people from the region gather to sell their crops, animals and handmade products and buy clothing and raw materials, as they have done since colonial days. It is also a sacred place, where you can witness religious rites that involve animal sacrifices, incense burning and prayers by Mayan priests.

The Highlands: so named because most of it is over 6,000 ft in altitud. Some of the places to visit are Quetzaltenango, Zunil, Todos Santos, San Francisco El Alto, and lot of other small and beautiful villages with a history of their own.

Lake Atitlán: surrounded by tall mountains and three volcanoes. It has fourteen indian villages, of which twelve are named after the apostles. this is a "must go" place.

Antigua: Colonial monument of the Americas, architectural jewel, with four-hundred-year-old churches, convents and house with cobblestone streets. Antigua, surrounded by three volcanoes is in a unique and truly beautiful setting. Come and take a walk in this city of yesteryear, enjoy our cafes and restaurants. A perfect place for a lover's honeymoon, where all the nights are romantic.

Guatemala City: The largest city in Central America with more than two million people. We offer one day tours, which include museums, interesting antique, handcrafts and jewelry shops.

To visit these places, you can do it as a day trip from Antigua or stay overnight in a charming hotel with all the amenities to make your vacation really fun, interesting and comfortable.

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