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Buena Vista de Corazon (Buena Vista of the Heart) is an off shoot of the Buena Vista Social Club of Havana. Ignacio Perez Borrel born in Matanzas Cuba, moved with his parents to Havana. He grew up in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Havana. His father, Enrique a trumpeter and originally a child star in the band of Arsenio Rodriguez (also from Matanzas), was treasurer of the Buena Vista Social Club. It was at the BVSC where Ignacio got his musical start. In the 1980's and 90's Ignacio participated in tours to 28 countries. During this time, he was also the musical director of the Parisienne Cabaret at the Hotel Nacional (second only to the Tropicana). In 1994 shortly after returning to Cuba from a tour in Spain, the Ministry of Culture was for a second time resurecting the Buena Vista Social Club for a US and Canadian tour. Ignacio Perez Borrel was picked as the percussionist for the tour. Before leaving Ignacio, attended a farewell party at the Club Social de Punta Brava. The next day his exit permit was rescinded by the police, He was replaced by Amadito Valdes on the US and Canadian tour of the Buena Vista Social Club. Three years later (1997) Ignacio defected during a tour. He now lives in Guatemala, where he and his band perform regularly, touring occasionally. Their most recent tour included several U.S. cities and a New Orleans music Festival.

In Havana during the 1930's 40's and 50's, black musicians would gather in neighborhood social clubs (white musicians in lyceos) to practice and play their music and compete against each other. Locals (blacks and whites) where very proud of their neighborhoods and transferred this pride to the local musical groups (conjuntos). This pride created a competitive spirit much like that of the Samba Schools & floats during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Buena Vista was a.....


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